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Norcross Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Cleanup & Restoration In Atlanta

When your home gets flooded, it can be incredibly stressful and you may not know who to turn to. Your personal effects may get damaged and there's a possibility that mold has begun to grow. Fortunately, our Norcross water damage remediation team at Peach Home Service can help you feel less overwhelmed while we take care of the hard work. With years of experience helping homeowners like yourself, we are known for our 24-hour water remediation throughout Norcross. You can rely on us to show up as quickly as possible when you call, ready to start working.

We offer free estimates on water damage restoration in Norcross, Georgia. Reach out at (770) 637-7790 for more information.

Can Water Damage Be Prevented?

The causes behind water damage are vast, but the effects and destruction that can occur are consistently devasting. Most cases of water-related disasters can’t be prevented. However, there are a variety of signs you can look for that may indicate you have a leak, which eventually could lead to extensive damage. Catching a leak or being aware of potential tell-tale signs early on can help prevent further devastation and property damage from occurring.

Signs Of Water Damage Include:

  • A stuffy or mildew-like smell
  • The floor becoming bent or distorted
  • Paint curling or peeling away from the wall
  • Yellowed stains or water spots, typically found on the ceiling or the walls
  • Mold growing within areas of the home that are damper
  • An unusual or abrupt change in your water bill
  • Splintering or fracturing in your home’s drywall
  • Water dripping or pooling
  • Hearing flowing water
  • Drooping or sinking in the walls and floor

If you notice any of the following signs, reach out to the Norcross water damage restoration team at Peach Home Service right away.

What To Do While You Wait For Help

There are many types of water-related disasters that can afflict your home, from pipes or appliances bursting. Each of these disasters can affect your property in different ways but the common denominator is a need for professional help. Our Norcross water damage remediation team strives to be available around the clock to help. However, there are a few steps that you can safely take to get the process started.

If You Can, You Should:

  • Increase circulation in the affected rooms
  • Switch off your electrical connections
  • Turn on your sump pump to remove excess water
  • Dry out items, if possible

Our Thorough Water Remediation Process

As soon as we arrive, our Norcross water removal technicians will work immediately to extract the water or septic on your property. We then use industrial-grade fans and humidifiers to dry the area. If your drywall has been soaked in flood at least 12 inches, we remove the drywall and replace it. Our water damage restoration team may also remove and replace your insulation and provide minor reconstruction services such as re-roofing, roof repair, siding repair, and more.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Norcross

It is important to know that the sooner you act, the less damage can occur to your home. That is why it is vital to call our Norcross water damage restoration team as quickly as possible. During our time in business, we have used our skills, tools, and technology to perform efficient cleanup, drying, and restoration services for customers all over the area. Our professional Norcross restoration technicians are known for being prompt, thorough, and friendly. We'll even call you 30 minutes before we arrive.

Our team is here 24/7 for your Norcross water damage needs. To receive a quote, call us at (770) 637-7790.

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